Progress Loading

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on Progress Loading, a podcast that my close pals Mat & Miles started in November. (What a phonetically pleasing friendship, right?). When they invited me on I was thrilled, not just because I love to hear myself talk but also because I’d been following along as they built it from the ground up. 

While they’re still pretty fresh on the scene, Mat & Miles have done a great job of finding their niche and establishing a solid on-air repertoire. They explore everything from awkward holidays with the fam to the Church of Latter Day Saints, and most recently – sextrology. What impresses me most is that they’ve successfully established a voice that can tackle a versatile array of topics and still make the listener feel as though they were a part of the conversation the whole time. Progress Loading is fun, hilarious, and most importantly: real.

The guest episodes are my personal favorites because they’re different than the typical podcasts I gravitate towards, whose interviewees are already well-known business-people or celebrities. The other two guests that have been featured have such unique charisma and energy, and it’s really captivating to listen to the stories that other people my age have to share. I’m excited to see how Mat & Miles continue to tap into their awesome network of friends to highlight the cool things that our generation is up to.

On my episode we discussed The Real Girls Club and all that falls under that umbrella… dating in the age of Bumble, Instagram pet peeves, and how to be not basic. Being featured was particularly special to me since we are all hustling a passion project (me: the blog, them: the podcast). Having friends that are motivated to build something inspires me even more to continue growing TRGC. After being on I can definitely say that writing is my forte (being on-air was pretty nerve-wracking for me), but it was such a treat to collaborate and do something creative with two of my close friends.
Mat, Miles – thank you so much for having me on. If you want to give them a listen they’re available on iTunes and Soundcloud.


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