Keepin’ it Real with Dry Lent

It’s that time of year again… DRY LENT, Y’ALL! Two most common questions I’ll get these next 40 days:

1) Are you insane
2) Are you super catholic
Answers: Maybe a little, and no, not really. I wasn’t actually planning on doing dry lent again this year, but after falling victim to one of the worst hangovers of my adult life this weekend I figured it was good timing for a full body detox.
For context and a glimpse into my weekend: I had big plans for Sunday. Brunch reservations, a Goodwill donation haul, a date with my Movie Pass, and a double yoga session (which I never have time for). Unfortunately, deciding to double-fist red wine & sangria at dinner the night before, followed by vodka-sodas at my favorite karaoke bar derailed said plans.
What actually ended up happening this Sunday was me spending the entire day on my futon with all the lights off, throwing up every time I tried to take a sip of water. By 8pm I was able to keep down some Motrin and half a piece of toast, but overall? Day. Wasted. It had been a while since I succumbed to a hangover that bad, but I was pissed about over-doing it the night before. Not to be dramatic, but life’s too fucking short to spend a day on a futon in the dark.
Let me quickly disclaim that this was extremely rare form for me. For the most part, I am a very responsible human and pride myself on knowing my limits*. This weekend’s alcohol consumption was unnecessary, and I always feel so terrible about myself when I wake up wanting to die. I don’t need alcohol to have a good time, in fact, I think I have more fun when I’m chillin’ sober. So as shitty as the situation was, it was a good wake up call and timely, too given that this week kicks off Lent.
Because this year has been off to an amazing start, I think this is a good opportunity to keep the momentum going by saying bye to booze for a few weeks. I did this last year just as a personal challenge (since my willpower is very low, I thought a higher power might help hold me accountable), and it was a lot easier than I expected. I am cutting this year’s Lenten promise a bit short since I have a trip to Amsterdam and Paris planned at the end of March (and hello, I’m not gonna not), but regardless I think this time away from the alc will be productive.
Hoping to channel my energy elsewhere, like actually getting a chance to use my Movie Pass, loading up on some extra hot yoga classes, and seeing what other kinds of sober fun I can get into. Stay tuned for updates and thanks in advance for still loving me even though I’m gonna be this girl for a little bit.

Ash Wednesday

*except that one time in K-Town. Real ones know.

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