2017 took a major toll on my body. I fell out of a really great workout routine – in 2016 I ran a half marathon and was going to Crunch regularly, taking classes, etc. Earlier this year I switched to NY Sports Clubs as an attempt to save money, which ended up being a big mistake. Not only were the facilities much lower quality than Crunch, I found that the instructors and classes were not doing it for me either. It was not worth the $25 a month I was saving. Then in May, I moved to lower Manhattan to a building with a gym, so I cancelled my NYSC membership. Big surprise, I have been to that gym approximately ONE time since moving in. Not that it’s not nice, I just know myself and classes/running are the only things that I KNOW I’ll commit to. I have a very hard time motivating myself to exercise if someone or something isn’t holding me accountable, and I was sick of feeling out of my own body.

So finally a few weeks ago I bit the bullet (and looked away while I hit the “confirm purchase” button) and signed up for the trial of ClassPass. For $19 I got 6 classes – I figured worst case scenario, I get my butt back into some sort of a fitness grind and we’d go from there. Needless to say, I fell in LOVE. I think it is completely worth every penny- not just because of the fitness perspective, but because it has already opened me up to a whole new world in NYC that I wasn’t participating in. Here’s a quick rundown of the classes I took in the trial period.

  • FlyWheel Tribeca: I was very intimidated by FlyWheel because I felt like I wasn’t robot-glam enough for it. Seriously, everyone there is shiny and perfect. But when I went (I did a 6am class on a Friday) the staff was super welcoming and made sure I knew exactly what was what. At FlyWheel they give you your own shoes to clip into your bike, too – which totally transformed the experience for me. It was the best spin class I’ve ever taken. It’s pretty much pitch black in the room except for a spotlight on the instructor and a monitor on your bike – and at the end there are two songs to work on your upper body. When class is over, the studio has fresh apples and bananas for the taking! Long story short- it was a really, reallllly good way to start my ClassPass experience.


  • Sweat Yoga Tribeca: If I ever quit ClassPass, it’s because I would switch to a full time membership at Sweat. This place is HEAVEN ON EARTH (or at least, heaven in New York City). I love hot yoga, which I had only done twice previously, so I was extra excited for this class. The facilities are gorgeous – small, but gorgeous – and the instructors are the bomb. There is music to accompany class (not bullshit yoga music, real, GOOD tunes) and at the end they give you an ice cold lavender towel to put on your eyes while you get your savasana on. Amazing.
  • Aqua Cycling: Honestly, this was the most f’ing ridiculous thing I’ve ever done in my life. I went in expectign a really kickass workout because hello, you’re SUBMERGED IN WATER, however I found the whole experience comical. The bikes are completely under water so you can’t change the resistance, and it felt like you were pedaling on a traditional bike set to 0. I went to this with a friend and we both left the whole thing just… confused. I don’t think I’d return, but I’m happy I tried it. OH YEAH, and it was taught in French.
  • Barry’s Bootcamp: YEAH, BABY. I can see how it’s easy to join the cult that is Barry’s Bootcamp. I made myself go to a REALLY early Saturday AM class in Chelsea so there would be zero percent chance of running into anyone I know and a one-hundred percent chance that I had the entire day to recover. From what I’d heard, Barry’s was the most intense thing on the planet. And while yes, it was super intense – I’m happy to report that I survived and killed the workout! It was 15 min treadmill, 10 min floor, 15 min treadmill, 15 min floor. Will definitely return.  
  • Pure Barre FiDi: I’m sad to report that I really didn’t care for Pure Barre. I was SO excited to try it-  a bunch of my friends went religiously, and I was looking forward to truly living my 40 year old fit-mom fantasy. I have never felt so out of place in my life. Maybe it’s because I was just not prepared for the intensity of the class, or maybe I just wasn’t used to working my muscles like that, but it was truly terrible. I felt like I couldn’t keep up and that my legs were literally going to rip apart, not even in a good way. I’ve been to Crossfit before where your legs feel like that – but this was totally different. I didn’t like that there was no cardio element, and my class was also so full, so I felt like there wasn’t enough room for all of the moves at times. Again – could have been a me-problem, but probably wouldn’t do Pure Barre again.


For my 6th class, I went back to Sweat Yoga. Since then I have renewed my full membership, and I’m excited to see what other kind of workout escapades I get myself into in the next few months!

Looking back on what went down this year, I realized that I ultimately fell out of my fitness routine because I was trying to save money. If I’ve learned anything, especially since joining ClassPass it’s that investing in myself is the most important thing. I already feel healthier and more energetic, and I think a lot of that has to do with just knowing that I have access to a ton of really interesting, unique classes at my fingertips. It’s not so much about losing weight for me – just feeling confident and in control of my body – and I’m getting there. The few things I’ve had to cut back on to fit this in my budget have been extremely worth it. To any of you out there on the fence about making the investment, two words: DO IT. 

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