I. am. expensive. I loveee boujee things. I get off on spending $6.00 on a latte… I love manicures, things that are “naturally essenced”, lavender satchels from the farmers market, Anthropologie candles, AND OTHER BULLSHIT LIKE THIS . That said, after a year and a half of living in NYC and racking up a *not cute* credit card statement, I have decided that I need to change my ways a little bit and get my financial life in check. (INSERT KIM K CRYING FACE HERE).

But how??? UGH, here we go. First step in this journey for me was assessing a snippet of my recent credit card statement (roughly two weeks, some of which I was on vacation. This isn’t super recent anymore since I wrote this post a while ago, but still). LOOK HOW MUCH UBER. LOOK HOW MUCH FOOD! This was a real wake up call… and even though I was on vacation for some of those days, I don’t use that as an excuse, because I honestly live like I’m on vacation all the time.











Second step in my financial overhaul consisted of identifying 3 expenses that I can cut back on.

  1. UBER. I have an unlimited metro card which comes out of my paycheck pre-tax and gets mailed to me every month (it’s really the best thing ever). Because it comes right out of my paycheck I don’t even think about it, but that’s $121 a month – kind of a lot. There is NO reason for me to be spending so much on Uber – especially because I live in a commuting HAVEN. FIDI has every train, and this should be an “easy” one to cut back on. Maybe I should just delete the app. Stay tuned.
  2. GROCERIES. I need to try to be more better at the grocery store. When I DO go grocery shopping, I justify a lot of stupid, expensive purchases with “well, it’s ok because I’m not eating out as much this week”. I need to try to be a little better about this and not buy $8 honey roasted almond butter. I need to try the modern phenomenon of “making a grocery list” – whatever that means – and I need to commit to making good, healthy food. NYC groceries are really expensive in general, so I am going to commit to finding some grocery store hacks.
  3. FOOD (eating out, lunches, etc.). This is a really hard one because so much of my social scene revolves around restaurants and bars. I need to stop spending $14 on salads or worse, $17 on one cocktail. I am going to try to limit myself to eating out 3x a week, instead of… 5 or 6, and cut back my spending to *two* cocktails a week. I really think that will make a difference, but again, this will be the most challenging. We’ll see how this goes.

So obviously, the third step will be putting it into practice. This is going to be a challenge, but I started putting it into practice on the 13th. Follow up post to come.

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