A Real Night Out

As I find myself on a quest to debunk the myths of NYC young-adulthood, I thought it would be an appropriate exercise to document what a real night out in New York looks like. Let me preface the following: when I left work on Friday, I was very much looking forward to a low-key night ending with a bedtime of 10:30 at the LATEST. Needless to say that didn’t happen, here’s the rundown!

Friday, 6:00PM Left the office after a VERY. LONG. WEEK. for a dinner in Chinatown with my coworkers. My boss’s fiance owns a restaurant in Chinatown with his family and invited our team for a big family dinner.

Friday, 6:30PM Before dinner, three of us went to Zuyuan for foot rubs and back rubs. I have never done anything like this before, mostly because I was afraid of walking into a sex-ring. The place looked a little shady, but not… “someone is going to violate me here” shady, so I was down with it. My boss (the one who’s fiance owns the restaurant) swears by spots like this (although this was the first time she had been to this particular location), so I knew I was in good hands. It was an experience I’d file under: VERY NEW YORK – very over the top Chinese decorations, traditional chinese music playing softly, and lots of people straight chillin. Overall, awesome experience. Those people know what they’re doing!

Friday, 7:00PM We stopped at a liquor store to pick up a few bottles of wine for our big family dinner for our big family dinner (BYOB, HOLLER).

Friday, 7:05PM We arrived at JJ Noodle and met up with the the rest of our team! Before we knew it we had an incredible feast in front of us – orange chicken, hand pulled noodles, duck, soup dumplings, LOBSTER – it was in. sane. Insane. So good and so fun to unwind after a crazy week with my team, who luckily are the greatest people in the world. Some of them even brought their baes, so it was just one big happy ordeal.

Friday, 8:30PM I got a text from my friend Kevin who invited me to karaoke at Baby Grand, then head to a birthday party with him in the Bronx. The restaurant I was at was a 10 min walk from where he was, so it was perfect timing! Two old friends from high school were going to be at the party so I was like, WHY NOT. As I get there, Kevin was finishing up a phenomenal rendition of Ce-Lo Green’s Fuck You, then we caught up for a while and eventually were joined by our friend Nina. Kevin and I graced the bar with a duet of Jessie’s Girl before heading out, then the three of us went back to my place so I could change and we could pregame a bit. We threw on a Simon & Garfunkel record (questionable hype music, but it worked) and figured out how we were gonna get to the Bronx.  

Friday, 10:30PM Kevin, Nina and I finally made it to Republica. It was so far up in the Bronx it wasn’t even numbered streets anymore. Before entering the club we got patted down and had a metal detector waved over us – when we all finally made it through we just looked at each other and started laughing. I think we all knew we were in for a NIGHT.  We reunited with one one of our friends and took in our landscape. To give you a vision of what we were working with: the  “waitresses” – if you can call them that, they were just bringing around bottles of patron with sparklers sticking out of them – were wearing thong leotards with no pants. Every single one of them had the booty of Nicki Minaj. Nina, Kevin and I were out of our element, but we definitely made the most of it. We got DOWN on the dancefloor, and eventually our other friend showed. By like 11:30 we  went to this separate part of the club where we got *BOTTLE SERVICE* because our friends know the owner, and it was a blast.

Saturday, 2:45ISH-AM After completely slaying on the dancefloor, the three of us decided it was time to call it a night and head home. I was just gonna stay at Nina’s that night, and Kevin lives in Harlem so we all hopped on the A together downtown. Around 3:30 we made it home, and passed the fuck out. The next morning we all woke up relatively early (go us) and got coffee to debrief the night, which is always my favorite part of a night out.

Well folks… there’s a glimpse into a spontaneous, weird nightlife adventure! Because I rarely “go out” I thought it was particularly worth noting. Thankful for my friends and their willingness to get down in the Bronx! Can’t say it’s a night I’ll forget anytime soon.

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